Understanding the behaviour of faecal sludge during thermal drying

IWA Non-sewered Sanitation

Target Audience

Sanitation practitioners; engineers; technology developers; researchers; scientists


Drying is a key process for the treatment and reuse of faecal sludge, but it has demonstrated to be challenging to put into practice with several technological gaps to overcome. One of the major problems is the lack of data and in-depth understanding of the drying process, which has delayed the development and implementation of efficient treatment technologies. This webinar intends to provide a comprehensive overview of the drying process, based on fundamental concepts, and illustrated with case studies and experimental data. It is expected that the outcomes from the webinar are expected to be translated into improvements in the sector.

Learning Objectives

Participants will gain deeper insight into faecal sludge drying and how to conduct experimental work to characterise the process. Moreover, they will get valuable data and information that can be useful for the improvement of current drying technologies and development of innovations.


IWA & the Non-sewered Sanitation Specialist Group