Understanding Pressure Management as a Key Tool for Network Optimization

IWA Water Loss

Target Audience

Water utility managers, non-revenue water practitioners, funding agencies


With mature Non-Revenue Water Programs, water utilities transition over years from a reactive to proactive mode of operation, finding leaks before they surface and preventing new breaks through advanced pressure control & optimization. The objective of this webinar is to highlight key objectives in pressure optimization, and more importantly key roadblocks that must be considered. This presentation will examine the most valuable lessons learned from implementation of real projects. These stumbling blocks, and the solutions they necessitated, offer attendees important insights to consider when look at pressure management projects in their own systems.

Learning Objectives

• To understand the reasons why a water utility would consider Pressure Management for managing Non-Revenue Water (NRW)
• To understand the fundamental concepts of how Pressure Management practices work
• To understand common challenges that may be encountered in the typical Pressure Management project
• To become familiar with what the outcomes of a Pressure Management project can look like, including installation of control valves, reduction of NRW, reduction of line breaks, energy savings, etc.


International Water Association