Transforming the World: Achieving the SDGs

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September 2015, the world’s leaders signed on to a new global sustainable development agenda, an ambitious series of goals known collectively as the “Sustainable Development Goals” or “SDGs”. The SDGs are the result of an unprecedented three-year, multi-stakeholder international consultation with the ambition of setting an integrated social, economic, and environmental vision for the planet. The SDGs respond to the recognition of our shared responsibility to current and future generations to be thoughtful stewards of our world, a responsibility that lies with developed countries and developing countries alike.

This mini-series presents and explains the 17 newly adopted Sustainable Development Goals. “Transforming Our World: Achieving the SDGs” is a call to action that extends beyond policy makers to civil society, business, and universities, and is led by Professor Jeffrey Sachs, the Director of the Earth Institute and the Sustainable Development Solutions Network.

Learning Objectives