The Right to Water: FLOWS Architecture Summer Lab


Target Audience

Arquitects & Urbanist


The proposed Summer school aims at fostering knowledge on the different uses of water and on finding possible more sustainable ways of keeping on collecting, retrieving and using it at all latitudes and at all scales. In order to accomplish such a goal, the school will take place in a location, Sicily, where water has historically played a critical role on social, cultural, political and practical terms and continues to do so.

The design task is to conceive and realize installations (i.e.: conceptual, sound, visual, physical, etc.) aimed at both celebrating water in its many different forms and making people more conscious of its sustainable use as well as of its crucial importance for the future of the planet. The workshop has been conceived as a design & craft studio environment, where emphasis will be put in translating ideas into manufacturing.

The workshop will be an intense design & craft studio, with eight tutors coming from all over the world assisting you in the making of a small scale architecture.

Learning Objectives