The importance of WASH and how to design an effective program

International Water Centre Free Webinar

Target Audience

WASH practitioners and those new to development and WASH


This webinar aims to provide WASH practitioners, as well as those new to development and WASH, with an approach to effectively implement WASH and behaviour change activities into development programs. Field tested in the Pacific and Asia, this approach creates a framework to plan, design and implement activities that improve sustainable and equitable access to domestic water supply and sanitation facilities, and improve hygiene behaviour.

Learning Objectives

During the free webinar, “ The importance of WASH and how to design an effective program,” IWC WASH Project Officer Edith Kamundi and and Senior Project Officer Declan Hearne, will:
• Outline what WASH for Development is and why it is important
• Discuss the issue of integrating behaviour change in WASH and the importance and current thinking of hygiene promotion
• Present the approach used to develop effective WASH programming
• Present case studies of where and how this approach has been put into practice
• Answer questions and showcase materials for further training