The Digital Journey for Water & Wastewater Utilities

IWA Digital Water Programme Digital water

Target Audience

Water utility operators, water utility managers, water utility staff responsible for source management, water technology and ICT staff, researchers, academics


The future of water is digital. New systems, big data, software, sensors, processors, communication and control technologies are increasingly integrated, enabling informed decisions to optimise water utility operations, water regulation and city administration. Digital technologies can be transformational in positioning the water sector and its customers for increased resilience.

Participants will be presented with an approach to assess where their utility lies in their digital water transformation journey. Perspectives from two utilities, at different phases of digital maturity, will illustrate their journey, why and how they have started their digital transformation, the challenges faced, the benefits obtained as well as the next steps in their transformation.

This webinar introduces the IWA report “Digital Water: Industry leaders chart the transformation journey”, the first in a series of white papers outlining the potential of emerging technologies in truly reshaping the water sector as we know it.

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to:
• How digital technologies create value for water utilities
• How water and wastewater utilities are adopting digital technologies, moving through the stages of adopting a digital strategy.
• About successes and pitfalls during the implementation of digital technologies for utilities depending on local context.


Dragan Savic (CEO, KWR Watercycle Research Institute)