Sustainable Coastal and Estuarine Development

IWA, Sustainable Coastal & Estuarine Development Specialist Group Sustainable Estuarine and Coastal Development

Target Audience

Practitioners, researchers, utilities, students, engineers, policymakers


This webinar was organised by the IWA Specialist Group (SG) on Sustainable Coastal and Estuarine Development.

Coastal reservoirs, tidal basins and waterfront developments are major infrastructure developments in estuarine and/or coastal environments. Future design of such large infrastructure systems must ensure not only water supply, energy needs or regeneration requirements, but also that salinity, nutrient and sediment fluxes, tidal flow exchanges, access to navigation and leisure craft and fish migration etc. are sustainably managed so that the needs of all users of the coastal and estuarine ‘ecosystem’ are met.

The webinar offered insights, best practices, and experiences related to solving global water challenges by promoting coastal reservoirs, tidal basin technologies for water and energy security, and urban and agricultural development across the world’s coastal regions.

This webinar is related to the upcoming event 1st IACRR International Conference on Coastal Reservoirs and Sustainable Water Management

Webinar Materials

Learning Objectives

Following the session, participants were able to:

  • learn about the sustainable technologies for coastal end estuarine restoration
  • understand the design and operation practice of coastal reservoirs and tidal lagoons
  • explore important factors on the environmental and ecological aspects of coastal impoundments




  • Arthur Mynett Emeritus Professor Water Science & Engineering at IHE Delft Institute for Water Education and Delft University of Technology , The Netherlands
  • Dr. Elfithri Rahmah Chief of Section, Capacity Development and Water Family Coordination, UNESCO, France