Sustainable Biosolids Management in a Circular Economy

IWA Specialist Group on Sludge Management sludge management; biosolids; anaerobic digestion

Target Audience

consultants, students, utilities, contractors, regulators, government bodies, professors, start-ups, entrepreneurs


Wastewater treatment results mainly in two by-products: treated water and sludge. Both have their respective regulations for safe disposal to the environment. Today, most utilities around the world aim to achieve circular economy while adapting sustainable technologies. This webinar will showcase sustainable biosolids management for a circular economy.

The webinar will give an in-depth perspective, sharing knowledge on advanced anaerobic digestion (AAD) with thermal hydrolysis process (THP) as a pre-treatment. The use of biosolids as a fertiliser through land application will also be covered. A utility model for achieving sustainable biosolids management with a resource-recovered product will be presented, with case studies from the USA and the UK.

Participants should ideally have some basic engineering knowledge, to understand the processes involved in wastewater treatment.

Learning Objectives

In this webinar participants will:

• Gain an overview on municipal sludge treatment technologies and appreciate the role of advanced anaerobic digestion in a circular economy;
• Gain knowledge on thermal hydrolysis process (THP) and its core advantages for anaerobic digestion;
• Understand how thermal hydrolysis process (THP) can produce safe, pathogen-free and high-quality biosolids with reduced operational expenditures and lower overall lifecycle cost;
• Learn about how a leading utility, DC Water, was able to achieve resource recovery and address the circular economy model;
• Learn about a centralised approach to biosolids management with another leading utility, Thames Water.

Pre-webinar resources:

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