Strategic Innovation Toolkit for Managers

Vanderbilt University Intermediate

Target Audience

This course is for everyone who are looking for ways to build their business creatively


This course is designed to help you understand the forces that limit innovation, identify those barriers in your own business culture, and break free of them to realize the full value of your imagination.

You’ll learn new skills and strategies that you can immediately apply to drive innovation in your group or organization, and you’ll build an understanding of the six most common constraints on innovation in both individual and group settings—that is, the six ways that creative thinking is often sabotaged before it can produce results. You’ll also learn to recognize stakeholders who are actively invested in stopping your ideas in their tracks. Finally, you’ll examine societal and technical constraints that you’ll need to overcome to foster a forward-thinking culture.

Learning Objectives

Through case studies and interactive exercises, you’ll learn how to:
– Generate, assess, and implement great ideas in your organization
– Build your organization’s capacity for innovation, including creating an innovative culture
– Lead innovation projects, processes, and teams
– Recognize big issues lurking on the horizon before they become constraints
– Drive adoption of great ideas
– Develop and manage an innovation portfolio
– Innovate to stay relevant and competitive in a fast-changing landscape