Storytelling in the Workplace

Rochester Institute of Technology Communication

Target Audience

No prior experience is needed. This is an introductory course.


When you think about the most influential figures in your organization, in your country, and in the world, one of the qualities they all likely have in common is that they are exceptional storytellers. Everyone tells stories—that’s how we build community and share ideas. However, we don’t always tell our story as effectively as we intend to.

Stories, or narratives, in the workplace may take the form of email communications, proposals, briefs, project or product kickoffs, and presentations. In this course, you’ll learn about the structure of a narrative and how it varies depending upon the situation, the medium used, and the audience. In today’s world of abbreviated messaging through a variety of devices, the importance of crafting a cohesive, professional, and understandable message to achieve a desired outcome is more important than ever.

You will learn how to create written messaging tailored to a target audience and how to determine the specific medium through which it should be communicated. You will also study best practices for writing in all forms of media common to today’s workplace, focusing specifically on structure, point of view, tone, style. You will also study and analyze a variety of messages which use different writing styles directed toward specific target audiences.

Learning Objectives

What you’ll learn:
– Understand the elements of effective stories and how to use them in the workplace
– How to tailor your messaging to a defined target audience
– How to structure written messages for maximum audience impact, taking into consideration tone, style, point of view
– How various platforms convey messages differently in a professional setting