Sustainability in the agro-food chain

Ghent University Sustainability

Target Audience

Students (BSc, MSc) from life sciences, engineering, environmental sciences, chemistry and economy are invited to apply on condition of English proficiency.


During this summer school the students will deal with the various aspects of sustainability in the agro-food chain for the production of safe and high quality food products, bioenergy and industrial products. Sustainable development in the agro-food chain is inextricably linked to the use of bio-production (plant, animal, forestry, water) for food and non-food products. Responsible use of bio-production from the agro-food chain is of the utmost importance for answering the 9 billion people question, for attaining economic welfare and at the same time protecting the environment.

Learning Objectives

– Knowledge of the sustainable aspects of the agro-food chain from an interdisciplinary perspective
– Insight in the valorisation of the bio-production for food and non-food
– Skills to deal with the rapidly changing bio-production environment in particular the influence of climate change
– Understanding of the social, cultural and ethical aspects of the agro-food chain