SDGs for smarter, liveable cities

International Water Association SDGs, urban water management

Target Audience

Urban water managers and decision makers from water utilities, municipalities and advisors in the water sector


A case-based discussion of how cities and water and wastewater utilities can benefit from implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for improving their services towards people and the environment. In this webinar, presenters will explore how SDGs can be operationalised in strategies and daily operations and used to promote a more holistic approach to urban water management. This webinar follows a webinar focusing on water-wise cities; discussions will continue at IWA World Water Congress in May 2021 in Copenhagen.

Learning Objectives

• Feel inspired to come to the IWA Congress in Copenhagen and be able to take part in the discussion on the Sustainable Development Goals and Water for smart liveable cities and the actions needed to progress to improve sustainability in the water sector
• Use lessons learnt from case study cities discussed during the webinar that have developed new and innovative solutions
• Understand the role of different stakeholders and employees in the water sector in SDG implementation and the importance of inclusivity and collaboration of all stakeholders and employees


International Water Association