Rural Sanitation at Scale

WEDC, World Bank Water and sanitation

Target Audience

Everybody who is interested in getting more information about global challenges facing the water and the sanitation sector.


This WEDC self-paced online course has been designed in partnership with the Water and Sanitation Program (WSP) of the World Bank to address important global challenges facing the water and sanitation sector. It features as a unit in the WEDC MSc programme ‘Management of Water and Sanitation’, but is also available free of charge here as a non-accredited professional development unit for WSP staff and others faced with the issues of scaling-up sanitation in rural areas throughout the developing world.

The course is delivered using a variety of media including slide presentations, film clips, animations, photography and graphics supported by selected online publications.

Learning Objectives

Part 1: Sets the challenge of scaling up rural sanitation in context, examining fundemental aspects of sanitation provision and the reasons why, hitherto, the goal of sanitation at scale has proved elusive.

Part 2: Examines the core theory of change for sustainable programmes. In particular it looks at the first two of three key components or ‘pillars’ required for change: the creation of demand and the supply chain.

Part 3: Continues to explore the core theory of change, focussing on the enabling environment. The unit concludes with a discussion of how the three pillars of change fit together and what steps are necessary to take an ‘at scale’ programme forward.