Rainwater Harvesting and Groundwater Management

EA Water Pvt Ltd. Rainwater Harvesting

Target Audience

All water professionals, senior operations, utility and project managers in industries, government and public health officials, consultants and contractors
system integrators and OEMs, builders, hotel and hospital developers.


With an ever growing population, finite resources of the world are decreasing this has resulted in an alarming fall of water for domestic, municipal and industrial use. It is essential to arrest this situation by adopting rainwater harvesting, even the Ministry of Urban Development has maderainwater harvesting mandatory. Rainwater conservation and ground water recharge practices are essentially required to be adopted for sustainable solution for water management.

Topics to be Covered:
Water Resources Management (WRM) Constraints in India and probable solutions
Involvement of various sectors for developing inclusive policies for WRM
Holistic Planning for Water security
Watershed management for water Harvesting and recharge
Groundwater exploration methodology in various geological formations
Interaction on specific problems of the trainees pertaining to their areas
Technology – Planning, components, designing, construction process, maintenance and monitoring mechanisms
Industrial Rain Water Harvesting Systems
Best Practices in RWN and GWM; experiences & examples
Focus on total water management
Case Studies of various techniques of Rainwater Harvesting

Learning Objectives