Potable water reuse: Opportunities and Challenges

International Water Association Water Reuse

Target Audience

Water Practitioners, Water resources managers, researchers and all those interested on how to implement successfully water reuse alternatives.

Previous Knowledge on the basics of Water Reuse is desired but not necessary.


With advancement of treatment technology and monitoring, potable reuse has become a reality for numerous communities, serving as a key sustainable piece of the water supply portfolio.

This webinar will provide case studies of potable water reuse from around the globe, including reflection on the challenges and successes.

Key projects and research will be shared – starting with the pioneer, Windhoek Namibia, who started augmenting their supply with DPR in 1968. Singapore PUB will share their diversified supply of ‘four national taps’, including NEWater. Lastly, San Diego has a 1MGD DPR Demo, and is looking to augment up to 25% of their supply in 2030 with potable reuse.

Learning Objectives

a. Participants will understand the history and potential for potable reuse.

b. Participants will understand the opportunity for potable reuse to help augment a community’s water supply in a safe and practical manner.

c. Through the three case studies, participants will learn the potential challenges that may arise including technical, operational, regulatory, and public opposition – and how to address them


Prof. Dr. Ing Jörg E. Drewes . Chair of Urban Water Systems Engineering at the Technische Universität München