PGA PM Course III: Training of Trainers

Perk Group Africa skills development in leadership

Target Audience

This course is specifically designed to enable anyone who aspires to become a leader delivering training; either as part of their role or as an expert.


This course is designed to empower anyone who desires to develop skills with an aim to become a leader in delivering effective trainings, either as part of their role at place or work or independent practitioner. It is meant to transform their training from a traditional, didactic approach to more learner- centered, interactive delivery.  The Course is a pro-gression from presentation skills and participants are required to actively participate; to prepare and present a presentation (of 5-10 Minutes) that shall be assessed before and on final day of the course.

Ultimately, the success of any given training and/or development program is reflected in whether or not what is learned is applied on the job. Organizations – and indeed trainees themselves – invest large amounts of time, effort, and resources in work-related training and generally expect to see this manifested in some way back in the work setting (e.g., as observable changes to how work is conducted). This course will show you how to approach the goal of improving learning transfer in your organization. Our ToT course is hardly about long lectures but rather active participation of the delegates/participants; whilst actively engaging in learning activities and lively debriefs. Therefore, do expect to be challenged while at the same time learning and having fun. Throughout the training process, practical techniques will be adopted, as well as strategies to help you overcome complex challenges faced by trainers.

The course constitutes of series of sessions delivered for up to 4 days. The sessions are very interactive to empower participants become experts and leaders in training administration or into their own areas of expertise.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, the participant will be able to:

  • Evaluate Training needs
  • Design and implement effective training using diverse learning approaches
  • Adopt diverse leaning Platforms such as multimedia to enhance the learning experience and make learning memorable
  • To design and assess training to conform to recognized standards