PGA PM Course II: Results Based Management

Perk Group Africa project management

Target Audience

The training is beneficial to professionals who desire to amplify their management, technical and support skills to deliver results in their business, organizations, and projects. It is best suited for Programme/Project Managers or Coordinators, Head of Departments, Senior Project offices, Strategy/Operation Planning Specialist, Business Development Executives, Finance Managers/coordinators, Field/Areas Coordinators or managers and individuals interested in working in development and business sectors.


Globalization has put everyone under pressure to reform the policies and practices of their business/Programmes, in a bid to demonstrate results/changes. A Results-Based Management (RBM) system is a powerful tool that can be used to help organizations and businesses to track progress and demonstrate the impact of their Programmes/projects or businesses. The RBM system has been triggered by the growing concerns and pressure from both internal and external stakeholders to provide more tangible and demonstrable results.

The course provides an understanding of the approaches that integrate strategic and operational designing/planning, implementing results, measuring results (performance measurement), costing by results, risk measurement and management and reporting results.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to RBM
  • Planning for results (Logic Model )
  • Planning for Risk Management
  • Implementing for Results
  • Value For Money ( VfM)
  • Monitoring performance and Evaluation, Reporting and Learning

Learning Objectives

This (RBM) course is designed to provide you with the essential tools and knowledge to lead and govern RBM system in your business, organization, programme or project.