PGA PM Course I: Change Management

Perk Group Africa change management

Target Audience

Team members tasked with managing people through change, project sponsors, project managers, regional leads, technical leads


Change is often needed so to address problems or opportunities in any organization caused by internal or external factors. Numerous approaches and tools can be used to manage change, all of them ultimately prescribe adjustments to the Processes, Systems, Job roles, and the Organization structure.

Course Overview

Module 1: The case for managing change

  • Experiencing change
  • Recognizing the impact change can have on standards
  • Facilitator presentation, The ‘Change Game’ exercise and group review

Module 2: Change management principles

  • Drawing upon past experiences of change
  • Nine key principles of managing change
  • Small group exercise, facilitator review and presentation

Module 3: Emotional responses to change

  • An appreciation of the impact of organizational change on people
  • Identified ways they can positively lead and motivate people through cultural or organizational change
  • Developed skills for effectively communicating change
  • Identified ways they can help team members cope with change

Module 4: Business and personal impact of failing to deal with people’s needs & concerns

  • Identifying our response to change
  • DREC change curve
  • Practical activity in small groups with group learning review

Module 5: Compelling reasons for change

  • Responding to resistance
  • Conveying compelling reasons for change
  • Video clip, small group review of case study, group discussion

Module 6: Clear vision and objectives for change

  • Three steps to creating a clear vision
  • Imaging your vision
  • Facilitator presentation, imaging exercise in small groups, group presentations and feedback

Module 7: Building momentum and managing resistance to change

  • Driving momentum
  • Recognizing the reasons for resistance
  • Our reactions to resistance
  • Dealing with resistance with the right change management strategy
  • Brainstorming exercise, ‘Blankety Blank’ exercise, group discussion, ‘Wall of Resistance’ exercise and review

Module 8: Applying the learning and next steps

  • Review of learning and action planning

Learning Objectives

This Change Management Couse is designed to provide leaders and managers with clear insights on how to effectively manage and communicate change in an organization.