Perspectives on Smart Stormwater Networks

IWA Digital Water Programme stormwater, network, digitalisation, water

Target Audience

Utility managers, researchers, policy experts and consultants


Stormwater network management is a crucial issue for the preservation of the global natural environment as well as the safety of life and properties in urban areas. Using smart systems and advances in information and communications technology it is possible to upgrade the conventional management approaches into innovative and efficient systems. This webinar will provide an overview on technical (and non-technical) motivations and barriers to using digital technologies in sewer systems. Moreover, social challenges will be presented on multiple levels: individual, organisational and institutional.

Learning Objectives

• Importance of digitalisation in stormwater management
• Awareness of the importance of appropriate smart stormwater networks
• Technological and social barriers of smart stormwater networks
• Overview on policy instruments to overcome existing challenges


Kris Villez (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) and the International Water Association