Paper Writing Webinar – 8th International Young Water Professionals Conference

Young Water Professionals Academic writing

Target Audience

Participants should be technologically advanced but with a low level of paper writing expertise. The webinar is expected to attract very early career professionals who are writing one of their first papers for a conference. Focus will be on developing their paper writing skills.


This webinar teaches Young Water Professionals to write a paper for publishing through the 8th International Young Water Professionals Conference. It comprises;

Part A: The Paper will cover Title, Central Message, Materials and Methods or Description of Intervention, Results and Discussion, Contribution of the work.
Part B -The Editor’s View will cover What is a “Good Paper”, Impact Factor, IWA journal,What happens after submitting, The Review Process

Learning Objectives

learning objectives are:

To write a paper which will have a higher likelihood of being published in an IWA journal
To understand what the editor is looking for in a “Good” manuscript.