Optimisation in drinking water systems: methods, tools and applications

IWA Digital Water Programme Digital, Optimisation, Drink water systems

Target Audience

Practicing engineers, technology providers, water utility staff, researchers


With the advancement of digital innovation in the field of water services delivery, there comes a multitude of opportunities to design and operate drinking water distribution networks more efficiently. Numerical optimization of distribution and related monitoring systems includes a broad range of aspects, such as network long-term planning, network layout, pipe, tanks and pumps dimensioning, network (re)zoning, pump scheduling, water quality control, leakage assessment and detection, pressure management, placement of sensors for different purpose monitoring, to name a few.

In this webinar, the topic of optimisation in drinking water systems will be introduced with a brief overview of optimisation methods, tools, trends, and latest developments. This will be followed by the presentation of specific optimisation tools and real-life case studies for the optimisation of drinking water systems in both European and non-European settings.

Learning Objectives

– Latest methods and tools for optimization of drinking water systems
– Real life applications
– Trends


International Water Association