Online Course on Environmental Flows

IHE Delft Environmental Flows

Target Audience

The online course is designed for professionals active in water resources management, environmental conservation and/or research. Typically they will belong to government institutions such as ministries of water affairs, environmental affairs, agriculture or river basin organisations.

Such people will be in a position to introduce and promote the concept of Environmental Flows in water policy, planning and management. Others will be employed in research institutions, or in engineering or environmental consultancies.


This online course introduces the concept of environmental flows, explains why they are necessary, how to assess and implement them and what they can achieve and what they cannot.

Learning Objectives

During the online course the following subjects will be discussed:

Fundamental concepts
Situation analysis
Science of Environmental Flows
Assessment Methodologies
Case studies – Lessons learnt
Group project

Each subject ends with a tutor or discussion assignment for which participants have to use their newly acquired knowledge and interact with the teacher and the other participants using the discussion platform of the Moodle platform.