Online Course on Environmental Flows

IHE Delft Environmental Flows

Target Audience

The online course is designed for professionals active in water resources management, environmental conservation and/or research. Typically they will belong to government institutions such as ministries of water affairs, environmental affairs, agriculture or river basin organisations.

Such people will be in a position to introduce and promote the concept of Environmental Flows in water policy, planning and management. Others will be employed in research institutions, or in engineering or environmental consultancies.


This online course introduces the concept of environmental flows, explains why they are necessary, how to assess and implement them and what they can achieve and what they cannot.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, the participant should be able to:

– To be able to define environmental flows and explain their role in water resources management
– To acquire knowledge of the key physical, chemical and biological processes of river systems relevant to environmental flows.
– To be able to describe the social dimensions of environmental flows, including stakeholder involvement and social benefits of ecosystem services.
– To be able to list and compare legislation and policies for environmental flows of different countries
– To be able to list and compare the main environmental flow assessment methodologies
– To be able to explain different options, the factors of success and impediments for implementation of environmental flows
– To be able to synthesise and apply the material of the course in a real world case.