Non-Sewered Sanitation Systems: Best Practices for Field Testing

IWA Specialist Group on Non-Sewered Sanitation non-sewered sanitation systems; test methods; field application

Target Audience

Sanitation Sector Stakeholders, NSSS Manufacturers, Laboratories, Certifying Bodies, Sanitation Researchers/Engineers


Non-Sewered Sanitation Systems (NSSS) provide solutions to the billions of people without access to safe sanitation. Technologies need to meet certain requirements to qualify as an NSSS.

ISO 30500 (Non-sewered sanitation systems – Prefabricated integrated treatment units – General safety and performance requirements for design and testing) outlines these requirements for manufacturers, laboratories and certifying bodies. These stakeholders should understand the realities of implementing ISO 30500 procedures in the field.

In this webinar, participants will learn about the NSS technologies and best practices for ISO 30500 testing through case studies.

Learning Objectives

After this session, participants will:

• have gained a holistic understanding of non-sewered sanitation systems – from the basic requirements of their design, to what it looks like to test one in the field;
• have been introduced to specific NSS technologies (including thermal treatment, biological, electrochemical, and dry combustion systems) and the tests used to analyse these;
• have learnt about the technical specificities of testing NSS technologies and what challenges can arise;
• be able to anticipate and prepare for a streamlined ISO 30500 testing.

Pre-webinar Resources:

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