Non-Revenue Water Assessment and Management in Low and Middle Income Countries

IWA Water Loss Specialist Group Water Loss

Target Audience

Those dealing with urban water supply in low and middle income countries; in particular:
- Water utility managers,
- Water sector key decision makers,
- Consultants and
- Representatives from funding agencies


One of the major challenges facing water utilities is the high level of Non-Revenue Water (NRW). While the benefits of reducing NRW are well known, decades of effort have not delivered much improvement in low and middle income countries (LAMIC). While there are many explanations and excuses, much of the failure is due to underestimating the technical difficulties and complexity of NRW management, along with the potential benefits of taking action.

This training course will provide detailed instructions on NRW assessment, using the IWA methodology, and give an overview of the available NRW reduction interventions. Finally an update on latest trends and developments in the use of performance based NRW management contracts will be given. In this interactive course, groups will work on a case study and participants are encouraged to bring their laptops or tablets.

Learning Objectives