Nature for Water: Untapped potential in Ghana

IWA Nature Based Solutions

Target Audience

River Basin Authorities, water resource managers, governmental officials at city or regional levels and utility planners. Other stakeholders with a background in water management, water supply and wastewater planning or river basin management.


Showcasing water utility experiences and sharing knowledge will support effective policy-making and regulation to accelerate the adoption of NBS in water management. IWA and TNC are catalysing action between water utilities and their regulators by bringing these lessons and guidance into tangible practice among network members.

Nature-based solutions have significant yet untapped potential in Ghana. As the main provider of urban water supply, Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) recognises the importance of natural infrastructure in the attainment of the SDGs. Catchment management activities remain GWCL’s major nature-based solutions occupation. Activities include, reforestation and forest conservation, riparian buffers or restoration, and also targeted land protection. This includes agricultural best management practices and improved soil health, and monitoring.

Degradation of vegetative cover along the banks of water sources has had over the years direct implications on GWCL’s operations in terms of quality and quantity of raw water supply. Solving this challenge, GWCL is motivated to tap into ecosystem services as a means of regulating and improving water quality through integrated water management approaches with other stakeholders to improve awareness on NBS. The establishment of the Water Resources Commission (WRC), the central coordinating body for water resource management at both a national and local level has improved cooperation in Ghana’s water sector, and is an important element for the future growth of NBS.

This IWA webinar will explore the corporation between GWCL, WRC and other relevant stakeholders and the development of targeted action plan interventions for the rehabilitation and preservation of important water bodies in the country

Learning Objectives

Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the implementation of NBS from a water utility perspective in a developing country context (Ghana) through integrated water management strategies. The webinar will explore the opportunities for NBS deployment through enforcement of existing regulatory and policy frameworks. There will be a particular focus on how water utilities especially in poor countries can effectively engage with their regulatory agencies to promote conversations and build a strong business case for NBS.


IWA & The Nature Conservancy


  • Colin Apse Africa Freshwater Director, The Nature Conservancy
  • Margaret Macauley Water Quality Manager, Ghana Water Company Limited
  • Ben Ampomah Executive Secretary, Water Resources Commission