Nature-based solutions for wastewater treatment

International Water Association Nature-based solutions

Target Audience

Utilities, academics, students, regulators, research institutes, municipal governments


2.4 billion people lack improved sanitation (i.e. sanitation facilities that hygienically separate human excreta from human contact) and another 2.1 billion have inadequate sanitation (i.e. wastewater drains directly into surface waters).

Despite improvements over the past decades to overcome this situation, the unsafe management of faecal waste and wastewater continue to present a major risk to public health, the environment and the economy.

There is growing interest in low-cost sanitation solutions that harness natural systems. However, it can be difficult for wastewater utility managers and other interested parties to understand the conditions in which such nature-based solutions (NBS) might be applicable and how best to integrate traditional infrastructure with natural solutions.

This webinar provides practical insights into a variety of potentially applicable solutions from across the globe (Uganda, India, U.S., France, Italy, etc.), and the possible co-benefits for both people and nature.

Learning Objectives

– Increased knowledge of the variety of nature-based solutions (NBS) available as part of wastewater treatment
– Recognition of the various co-benefits for people and nature when using NBS for wastewater treatment
– Understand the limitations of NBS, to ensure they are used for wastewater treatments while also providing additional benefits


Fabio Masi, IRIDRA