Monitoring and mitigating methane: Danish lessons for global action

International Water Association; DANVA CO2 footprint, nitrous oxide, methane, emissions reduction, wastewater

Target Audience

Utility practitioners in utilities, engineers, consultants, suppliers, operators, students and researchers


This webinar series is organised by the  IWA Climate Smart Utilities Initiative in partnership with DANVA.

With a focus on progress in the Nordic region, this webinar series will highlight the Nordic principles for a road towards a climate-neutral water sector, demonstrating some of the Danish national monitoring programmes for nitrous oxide and methane emissions and concrete actions by utilities. The series will also discuss collaborative efforts to maximise mitigation today.

The second webinar of the series will highlight how Denmark is mitigating methane, bringing attendees up to speed with the collaborative national methane monitoring work which has been undertaken in Danish universities, utilities and industry regulators. Sharing lessons learned and key insights into methane monitoring and mitigation, this webinar will also highlight key success factors, ongoing work and lessons for global action.

Learning Objectives

Following this session, participants will be able to:

  • Engage with stakeholders at the local and national levels around GHG emissions in the water sector
  • Support with GHG accounting in a water utility
  • Develop insights into the monitoring and reduction of GHG emissions, knowing where to focus efforts


Additional Resources

Q&A report

Webinar Presentation slides

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International Water Association


  • Amanda Lake, Head of carbon and circular economy, Jacobs, United Kingdom, IWA Climate Smart Utilities GHG monitoring sub-group lead
  • Charlotte Scheutz, Professor, Climate and Monitoring, Department of Environmental and Resource Engineering Climate and Monitoring, Danish Technical University, Denmark
  • Anders Fredenslund, Senior Researcher, Department of Environmental and Resource Engineering Climate and Monitoring, Danish Technical University, Denmark
  • Per Henrik Nielsen, Project Director, VandCenter Syd, Denmark
  • Thomas Sørensen, Consultant, Danish Water and Wastewater Association, Denmark