Mine Water Management, Remediation & Flow Measurement

Lappeenranta University of Technology Mine water management

Target Audience

This course is primarily geared towards professionals interested in mine water issues specially hydrogeologists and non-mining engineers.


In the last decades worldwide efforts have been conducted to understand acid mine drainage and its abatement. Yet, passive and active treatment methods as well as enhanced natural attenuation are still not fully understood and need further investigations. This workshop will introduce mine water issues in general and treatment methods for contaminated mine water. During the introduction the participant will learn basic geochemical mechanisms that can be observed in mines and result in ground or surface water contamination. Simple case studies shall exemplify which environmental impacts are caused by mining and how the hydrogeological and ecological surroundings might be altered and can be limited. Usually, hydrogeologists and non-mining engineers are not familiar with the mining terms. This is also true for the situation underground, especially if it comes to historic mining and to acid mine drainage. Therefore, the first part of the workshop aims to provide a general understanding of the terms and conditions in a mining environment. To work a mine on a medium or long term basis, the mine workings have to be kept dry. The most important mine pump types will be described and which drainage technologies might be necessary. After mining ceases, the mine workings are usually flooded. To predict or calculate mine flooding, it is necessary to understand the hydrogeological situation on-site. Several theoretical methods and case studies will be described and discussed along with proper sampling technic (field trip). To develop the most advantageous treatment strategy, the temporal and spatial development of a mine flooding have to be understood. Similarly, it is necessary to understand the chemical development of mine flooding. Based on that data a conceptual model and a treatment option can be planned. The last part of the workshop will give an introduction to mine water treatment.

The first three days are directed to theoretical issues and the fourth day will intoduce you to mine water flow measurements with the salt dilution method.

Learning Objectives