MAS on Sustainable Water Resources

ETH Zürich, Institute of Environmental Engineering, Switzerland Other


The Master of Advanced Studies in Sustainable Water Resources (MAS ETH SWR) advocates an integrated vision of sustainable water resources management, with a focus on technical training and high level research. The program highlights the importance of water availability and water scarcity and prepares participants to face the challenges of the future, e.g. climate and land use changes, increased water use and population growth. Participants acquire skills which will enable them to become leaders in implementing sustainable and environmentally
conscious water policies in their home countries.

The program consists of MSc courses at ETH and specialized courses taught by invited experts. The MAS thesis is supervised by scientific staff at ETH and collaborating institutions. Students’ research focuses on topics such as water quality, water quantity, water for agriculture, water for the environment, adaptation to climate change, and integrated water resources management.

Course Objectives