Managing Uncertainty in Water Resource Modelling: Where to start?

ICE WaRM Modelling

Target Audience

Everyboy who is intersted in Water Resource.


7:30 hrs Mumbai time
10:00 hrs Beijing/Kuala Lumpur/Manila time
11:00 hrs Tokyo time
13:00 hrs Sydney time

Learning Objectives

Carrying out an uncertainty analysis on the predictions of a surface water or groundwater model can be a daunting task. This webinar is not about mastering or navigating the wealth of methods and software for uncertainty analysis, it rather focusses on questions such as
– Which parameters should I include in an uncertainty analysis?
– How do I deal with sources of uncertainty not included in the model?
– What do I need to change to my model to do an uncertainty analysis?
– How do I bring in observations and observation uncertainty?


Trevor Pillar,, National Partnerships Manager, ICE WaRM