Managing Disruptive Change

RWTH Aachen University Business & Management


Disruption is simultaneously the greatest threat and the biggest opportunity for any business.

This course takes a structured approach to understanding and managing industry disruptions. It will provide you with the required tools and concepts required to identify and then manage disruptions by implementing targeted actions.

Learning Objectives

You’ll identify and assess specific disruptions and their impact, as well as the selection of appropriate reaction patterns. Special emphasis will be put on the use of real-life examples and case studies, taken (amongst others) from the automotive and mail order sector, to ensure both practical relevance and applicability

What you will learn:
How to spot specific disruption patterns as well as potential sources of disruptions
Ways to assess the degree of the respective disruptions in terms of stage, speed and impact
The know-how to select appropriate counter initiatives drawing from a tool kit of potential actions, depending on the assessment of the disruption