Managing climate risks: The tale of two water utilities

International Water Association Climate resilient utilities

Target Audience

Water utility operators, water utility managers, water safety planning team members, water utility staff responsible for source management


This webinar will demonstrate through practical cases from Australia and Philippines, the way in which Yarra Water Valley and Metro Pacific Water are responding to climate change impacts to ensure safe and secure water supply. This can be through a variety of approaches including risk management mechanisms (such as Water Safety Plans – see previous webinar), which can direct utilities to strategies such as source protection, diversification of water supplies and use of early warning systems.

Participants can draw from the ideas and methods presented when seeking options to address climate risks in their countries. The webinar will shows that resilience is more than implementing the right technology or practice to assess and address risks of extreme events. It is an approach that should be part of a coherent and holistic strategy to ensure sustainable water resources and safe and secure water supply.

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to:
• Learn about best practices utilities are applying to build resilience to climate change hazards and risks.
• Apply a process to identify resilience strategies.
• Draw from the experiences presented to assist the development of plans to respond to their climate hazards and risks.


Christine Turner (Principal Policy Advisor, Sydney Water)


  • Kathryn Naylor (Manager, Integrated Urban Water, Yarra Valley Water, Australia)
  • Yang Villa (Senior Manager, Public-Private Partnerships, Metro Pacific Water, Philippines)