Management and Engineering in Water

RWTH Aachen University, Maastricht School of Management Master of Science


This M.Sc. program focuses on the behavior and management of water systems (e.g. rivers, lakes, ground water, and coastal and marine areas) as well as physical and socioeconomic aspects. You will apply a variety of tools for analyzing long-term behavior and evaluating the impact of human interventions on different functions of water systems, and also address management and decision-making processes. This M.Sc. program provides the professional foundation for water specialists – experts who stand out thanks to their ability to integrate engineering knowledge and management techniques into innovative problem solving.

Course Objectives

Students of Management and Engineering in Water offered at the RWTH Aachen University learn how

•develop sustainable and cost-efficient coastal and river protection solutions;
•design urban, agricultural and industrial wastewater treatment systems;
•ensure compliance with international water management and water quality standards;
•consult public and private water utilities on investment and preservation strategies;
•reconcile ecological and economic approaches to water management.