Lecture on Unravelling Micro & Nano-plastics with Environmental Nanotechnology

IWA, Nano & Water Specialist Group, IWA China Environmental Nanotechnology

Target Audience

Academics and researchers, engineers, utilities, and administration agencies


This lecture was organised by the IWA Nano and Water – Application of Nanoparticles, Nanoengineered Materials and Nanotechnology Specialist Group.

Nanotechnology exploits the distinctive characteristics of materials at the nanoscale to drive advancement across various domains. Its applications span several domains, from electronics, to environmental restoration and healthcare. It is imperative to address the potential environmental, health, and safety concerns associated with nanotechnology (Nano EHS) to ensure the secure and ethical progression of nanomaterials and products empowered by nanotechnology.

In this lecture, Prof. Mark Wiesner addressed discoveries obtained through major research efforts in France and the United States over the last two decades in the area Nano EHS with a particular focus on its application in the study of micro- and nano-plastics.


Master Slides

Learning Objectives

After the webinar, participants should now be able to:

  • Understand innovative solutions in nanotechnology for monitoring and analysing micro- and nano-plastics’ distribution, behaviour, and impact on aquatic ecosystems and human health
  • Describe areas where work on micro/nano-plastics can benefit from environmental nano experience


International Water Association