IWRM as Climate Change Adaption Tool

Cap-Net Virtual Campus Climate Change


IWRM is the sustainable development, allocation and monitoring of water resource use in the context of social, economic and environmental objectives (Cap-Net, 2005a). It is cross-sectoral and therefore in stark contrast to the traditional sectoral approach that has been adopted by many countries. It has been further broadened to incorporate participatory decision-making of all stakeholders.

Learning Objectives

To learn the concept of integrated water resources management (IWRM) and its principles.
To help participants to understand potential impacts on the water cycle and the consequences for water use and ecosystem functioning.
To familiarize participants with the range of adaptation measures for a number of projected climate change impacts and to discuss indicators for their applicability in given climatic and socio-economic environments.
To familiarize the participants with the way adaptation to climate change can be incorporated into water resources management at all levels.