IWC Pathway Program

International Water Centre and Griffith University, Queensland, Australia International Leadership for Water Sector Practitioners

Target Audience

Any practitioner in the water sector who is motivated to strengthen their influence and leadership capacity, irrespective of their experience, organisational position,
culture or geographic location.


The Pathway Program is the International Water Centre’s new globally focused water leadership development program. Comprised of three levels the purpose of the Pathway Program is to provide an easily accessible, foundational leadership development program for water professionals and practitioners to strengthen their ability to exert influence and drive positive change in their projects and workplaces, and to address our most significant water-related challenges.

Level 1 of the Program begins in September 2024 and is a 10 week, interactive, online course that introduces participants to foundational leadership concepts and provides guidance and ‘leadership stories’ (i.e. short case studies and personal stories from distinguished water leaders) on how to address common leadership challenges in the water sector.

Download the brochure here.

Learning Objectives

  • To enhance the ability of water professionals and practitioners to drive positive change and deliver more sustainable forms of water management.
  • To provide a practical, accessible, enjoyable and effective entry-level leadership development program for water professionals and practitioners working anywhere in the global water sector, irrespective of their organisational position, leadership experience or financial resources.
  • To enable a large number of water leaders from around the world each year to help build the collective leadership capacity needed to address the world’s most significant water challenges and achieve the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal number 6.
  • To help program participants to build their knowledge, skill and confidence to engage in leadership, with a focus on addressing common leadership-related challenges that are experienced by water leaders around the world.
  • To help prepare program participants for their long term leadership development journey with tangible early results expected within 3 months, and knowledge of how to manage their own development throughout their careers and to engage in developing others.
  • To provide a pathway for self-motivated water professionals and practitioners to move through three levels of progressively more challenging and powerful leadership development experiences if they wish to continue to strengthen their leadership capacity and magnify their impact as water leaders.