IWA YWP Get-Together

IWA Young Water Professionals YWP ; EWL ; Volunteering; Technology; Water

Target Audience

IWA Young Water Professional members


Technological innovation is our everyday’s job for us who work in the water sector. It helps to meet current needs, supports solution finding, and contributes to our efforts to adapt to changing environments and to achieve a water-wise world. Innovation is critical here, but how do we best tackle the challenge of innovation? It is important to involve all individuals representing various fields and recognise their role in technological innovation all the way from basic research to implementation in utilities.

IWA Emerging Water Leaders Steering Committee invites the IWA Young Water Professional community to meet online in a formal/informal IWA YWP Get-Together. This is a unique opportunity to gather as a group, meet your peers, make new friends, and talk on the topics we are all passionate about: a water-wise world!

In this episode we will focus on the topic of technological innovation in water and how to best organise around it. We will learn about the role every organisation, company or individual professional has to play, no matter of their place in the value chain and in the sector.

IWA Young Water Professionals representing industry, academia and utilities will discuss what is needed in technology innovation for water. Each entity brings its own perspective, but a holistic understanding and approach is the key to be successful.
The panellists will share their personal experiences with the subject and engage in discussions with the audience to share experiences and opinions on how to improve the quality of solutions and how to reduce the time from idea to implementation.
Participants will take away best practices and resources on technological innovations for implementing in their own fields.

Learning Objectives

This IWA Online Get-Together is for IWA Young Water Professional members only.

This IWA YWP online Get-Together is a part of series of online meetings developed for the IWA Young Water Professionals community. It offers an interactive platform where the IWA YWP members meet, talk and share their insights. They come together to exchange their experiences and ideas on how to contribute to the global IWA network, the IWA Communities, Task Forces, and the IWA conferences and congresses.

The purpose of the IWA YWP Get-Together is to motivate and encourage young water professionals to discover work opportunities as a way to use their own knowledge and skills to help others from within the IWA network, and at the same time to continue learning and develop their competencies which leads to open new professional goals and horizons. The structure of the IWA YWP Get-Together online meetings is a moderated session with an open discussion for the interaction among all attendees. Moderators and panellists initiate the session by sharing their own experience on voluntary work within the International Water Association. They share their own personal stories – their career stories and how they have benefited from their IWA membership and active engagement as IWA YWP.

During this session, participants will discuss and learn about:

• Profitable strategies incorporated within partnerships and collaboration between industry, consulting and academia, which are paramount for fruitful technological innovation.

• Diversity as a critical component in applying successful structures driving technological innovations in water.

• Cross-sector observations and on digitalisation as a crucial part of present and future technological innovations and how to best use lessons learned and knowledge sharing to advance on these topics.

• The role every organisation, company or individual professional has to AND CAN play, no matter of their place in the value chain and in the sector.


IWA Emerging Water Leaders (EWL) Steering Committee