IWA Emerging Water Leaders Virtual Forum 2021: Workshop Sessions

IWA Young Water Professionals

Target Audience

Young Water Professionals


In the face of fast-paced developments and constant transitions, water professionals are required to remain up to date with global trends and emerging solutions. Today, more than ever, this task may appear to be quite challenging.

At this thought-provoking workshop session, the Forum discovered the relationship between the water sector and the media. Participants examined very important questions, such as: How can young water professionals navigate through a great amount of information? How can they develop critical thinking skills as well as their own informed opinions? How can these opinions contribute to stories about the water sector for the general public?

The gathering began with an open meeting format, which then moved to smaller interactive groups. The session invited guest speakers Keith Hayward (IWA), to talk about the role of communications within IWA Source magazine, and Max Fry (BBC Global News), who shared insights about creating water stories as well as an inspiring project for Young Water Professionals to get involved in.

Learning Objectives

Following this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Learn how IWA’s professional community raises awareness, drives vision and networking in water sector.
  • Find out the steps to creating appealing storytelling.
  • Discover how to form a balance between sounding technical and being relatable.
  • Recognise the responsibility of Global Leaders and media houses in generating global awareness.
  • #donotholdback in sharing important matters with a broader audience.



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