Introduction to Infrastructure Asset Management: What to Know Before Diving In

LNEC Asset Management

Target Audience

Utility managers, consultants, students, and general public interested in Strategic Asset Management.


Urban water systems are critically dependent on their assets. For the service to be efficient and sustainable, it is critical to ensure that these assets are managed rationally and systematically in the organization. Infrastructure asset management can be part of the solution. In this webinar, we will identify the first steps for those entering asset management, either water utilities directly or those working with water utilities. The concept will be explained, its benefits will be highlighted, its application will be broken down and an insight into different applications of asset management throughout the world will be given, including countries such as Portugal, Canada or Australia. An important clarification will be made on the difference between asset management and managing assets, and explanation on how the ISO 5500x standards can be a structured approach for asset management. These standards aim to establish clear links between objectives, targets and decisions at all levels of the organization, and contribute to understanding the relationship between the proposed investments and the expected results.

This webinar is organized by the IWA Strategic Asset Management Specialist Group, which is focused on the sustainability of the urban water services. For doing so, the group is working in the medium and long term infrastructure planning, including not only the renewal of the infrastructure, but also the financial, organizational and information management aspects that are needed for ensuring the sustainability of the infrastructure and meeting the stakeholders needs’ and expectations.

Learning Objectives

After the webinar, participants will be able to:
• Understand what asset management is
• Understand the difference between asset management and managing the assets
• Understand the ISO55000 approach for asset management


International Water Association