International Water and Sanitation Management

WEDC, Loughborough University Master of Science


The modules on our International Water and Sanitation Management MSc are designed to develop your understanding of important aspects of sustainable public health infrastructure and services for all levels of consumers, and equip you with appropriate expertise and skills for work in low- and middle-income countries.


– Modules are taught by WEDC teaching staff all of whom have extensive experience working in low- and middle-income countries, they draw upon their field experience to explain how current theoretical approaches can be practically and realistically applied to address the challenges in relevant low- and middle-income working contexts.
– Management of Water and Environmental Sanitation Services.
– Water and the Natural Environment.
– Management of Village Water Services.
– Assessment, Monitoring and Evaluation for Research and Management Practice.
– Household and Communal Sanitation Management.
– Management and Operation of Water Utilities.
– Urban Sanitation Management.
– Research Dissertation

Plus select one of the following optional modules:

– Disaster Risk Management
– Humanitarian Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion

Course Objectives

This programme is designed to:

– Provide the multidisciplinary knowledge and skills to coordinate, plan, manage and monitor water and environmental sanitation services, with a focus on low- and middle-income countries.
– Support the professionalization of the sector, through policy development, performance improvement, institutional reform, change management, benchmarking services and aiming for financial viability.
– Encourage a critical approach to the global principles and local practice of sustainable water and environmental management for the public good
equip students with appropriate expertise and skills for relevant work in management of water and environmental sanitation for low- and middle-income countries
– Encourage critical analysis through in-depth study of a specialist topic.