International Leadership Summer Camp

Changemaker International LEADERSHIP

Target Audience

The programme targets people aspiring leadership positions, college and university students, development professionals, mentors, teachers and researchers.


We are an internationally acclaimed leadership training programme geared to change the world. We offer training programmes that allow learners to step outside of their cultural context and have an immersion experience that help them acquire skills and become actors of positive change in their communities and organizations.

We are pleased to invite you to 2017 Changemaker Leadership Summer Camp in Kenya from 26th June to 17th July 2017.

The course fee caters for training, accommodation, ground transport, meals and safari holiday. Participants are required to arrange return flights to Kenya and health insurance.

For Registration Contact:

Changemaker International
Zuiderbrink 63, Gravenhage
Zuid Holland, 2553GE
Phone : +31616950384 /+31616086526
Website :

Learning Objectives

Changemaker Africa Leadership Summer camp will cover the following topics:
Theory: Part One
• Communication skills
• Goal Setting and Working with Teams
• Leadership and Management
• Change Management
• Conflict Resolution

Practicals: Part Two: Team Building
• Group Dynamics
• Cooperation
• Endurance and Personal Perseverance
• Personal Leadership
• Goal setting
• Leadership skills
• Trust and Team Building
• Team Effectiveness
• Problem Solving Skills

Part 3

• Cultural / Community Immersion and Field Research

Among the elements of the training approach are:
• Building on participants past experiences
• Developing a Personal Leadership Programme
• Experiential games
• Visual Presentations
• Role plays
• Story telling
• Indoor and Outdoor Games
• Team Building
• Ice Breaking
• High-Ropes climbing