Innovation Management

Erasmus University Rotterdam level: Beginner


What is innovation management? How do firms bring in new business models and get new products and services to the market? Go on a nine-week journey through innovation management concepts, theories of idea generation, selection, strategy formulation and implementation in this MOOC in Innovation Management. In it, you will also learn the tools for implementing innovation projects yourself.

Guided by world-class academics, you will develop an innovative mindset and expertise in how firms successfully create new ideas for marketing new products. The syllabus also includes sessions about innovation strategy, idea management and social networks.

Learning Objectives

During this course, you will learn how to:
• use the main innovation management terminology and concepts
• explain the adoption life cycle and innovation adoption at the individual level
• define creativity and explain how creativity can be stimulated
• recognise and describe three types of idea management systems
• explain what an innovation strategy is and why it is important
• describe what a product portfolio is
• explain how innovation projects should be selected and managed
• explain the importance of teams, team structures and networks for innovation.