Innovation Leadership

Georgia Tech Leadership & Innovation

Target Audience

For those aspiring to become an innovation leader


In this original course, Innovation Leadership, former Medtronic Chair & CEO Professor Bill George, shows you how to become an innovation leader. The essential elements of knowing yourself and your unique leadership gifts, your motivations, and the purpose of your leadership will be covered by Professor George, along with personal stories of exceptional innovation leaders, concepts, exercises, tools and practical tips to help you become an exceptional innovation leader.

Innovation Leadership is organized into three modules, each including videos of Professor Bill George describing essential elements of innovation leaders, illustrating them with personal examples from innovation leaders, readings from Discover Your True North, illustrative charts, exercises, reflection essays, and discussion topics.

Learning Objectives

What you’ll learn:
– Why innovation leaders are so scarce and essential for growth
– How you can become an innovation leader and create shared value
– How to empower innovators
– Discover your purpose as an innovation leader and how to find the “Sweet Spot” for your innovation leadership
– Innovating for global impact
– Learning from exceptional innovation leaders
– Knowing yourself through your life story
– Losing your way and crucibles of leaders
– Develop self-awareness