IMAGE | ABILITY – Visualizing the Unimaginable

TU Delft Communication

Target Audience

Secondary school and some basic drawing skills with computer software are required.


Students and professionals in science, design and technology have to develop and communicate concepts that are often difficult to comprehend for the public, their peers and even themselves.

IMAGE | ABILITY – Visualizing the Unimaginable, will help you enhance your communication and interpersonal skills and provide insight, tips and tricks to make such complex and seemingly unimaginable concepts and ideas imaginable.

After finishing this course you will be more skilled in finding the right visual language to convey your ideas, thoughts and vision. You will be able to illustrate units and quantities, concepts and themes and you will know how to unravel complexity by using diagrams and schemes.

Honorable Mention
The IMAGE | ABILITY course received a “2017 Honorable Mention for Course/MOOC” from the Open Education Consortium.

Learning Objectives

Visually present difficult concepts to an audience
Research and develop comparisons metaphors and diagrams to clarify difficult concepts
Compose images to illustrate concepts and ideas