Optimising the design of complex water networks

ICE WaRM Optimization and Automation: Best Practice in Water Infrastructure Planning


Hundreds of utilities across five continents are leveraging Optimization and Automation through Computational Intelligence for planning capital investment, for daily operation, and in incident response. Find out how leading utilities are defining industry best practice in the design and operation of complex water networks.

You will learn how the latest technologies have been employed on more than 360 sites worldwide to address a diverse range of design and operational challenges. You will hear how those sites achieved more than three billion US dollars in direct savings in capital and operational costs, above and far beyond the very best designs that traditional approaches to the problem could offer. You will understand how Optimization and Automation is fast becoming accepted as an element of industry best practice for cities with complex networks, complex design challenges, and complex objectives.

Water industry professionals in the public and private sector, particularly those with ties to water utilities, and to the Engineering consultants who serve them, should attend.
If you believe that water utilities should strive to deliver great value for their customers, and that they must invest sustainably for the future, you will appreciate the subject matter of this webinar.

Learning Objectives




  • Ben Ernst Ben is the Vice President of Engineering at Optimatics, and has been with the company for 12 years, leading our team of Software Engineers.