Hydrobiology – Water Quality Management

University of Debrecen Master of Science


The water management is an extremely increasingly complex challenge and it has policy priority facing global society. Unprecedented climate, economic, technological and demographic change require a new generation of dedicated professionals who are committed to and trained in the interdisciplinary nature of water science and management. This Hydrobiology – Water Quality Management MSc course develops knowledge and understanding in physical, chemical, and ecological aspects of water science in temperate, tropical and semi-arid zones. It provides a foundation in basic processes in each key subject areas, as well as interactions throughout the hydrological cycle, and the various hydrological processes and function, and the impact this has on health.

Course Objectives

The intended learning outcomes are that students will develop a knowledge and understanding of:

(i) the physical, chemical and biological nature of water and their variations in time and space;
(ii) the key concepts concerning various water types and water quality problems in relation to water use and sustainability;
(iii) practical methods and techniques for water quality, monitoring and management;
(iv) the key concepts concerning health issues associated with water.