How can public policies foster strategic asset management?

IWA Specialist Group on Strategic Asset Management (SAM) Strategic Asset Management

Target Audience

Utility managers; Regulators; Consultants; Students


The provision of urban water supply, wastewater and storm water services depends on expensive and long-lasting physical assets. Managing them strategically is therefore fundamental for sustainable societies. The sustainability of water infrastructure does not solely depend on the will of individual utilities to implement asset management. It is crucial to pave the way to service effectiveness and sustainability by including asset management concerns in water public policies, with the right tools and incentives. In this webinar, we will identify the key building blocks that a sound public policy should consider to enable asset management and the links between public policy building blocks and asset management. We will also discuss how different countries have been implementing this process.

This webinar is organised by the IWA Strategic Asset Management Specialist Group, which is focused on the sustainability of urban water services. To do this, the group is working on medium- and long-term infrastructure planning, including not only the renewal of infrastructure, but also the financial, organisational and information management aspects that are needed for ensuring the sustainability of infrastructure and meeting the stakeholders’ needs and expectations.

Learning Objectives

• To understand what public policy means regarding the provision of water services
• To understand how public policy can foster strategic asset management
• To understand how different countries have been carrying out this process


International Water Association