Green Infrastructure for Water Wise Cities

International Water Association Nature Based Solutions

Target Audience

River Basin Authorities, water resource managers, governmental officials particularly at city level and utility planners. Other stakeholders with background in water management, water supply and wastewater planning or river basin management


Cities are intrinsically connected and dependent on water resources within and around their basins . Cities can integrate nature into urban infrastructure design .
Approaches such as greening buildings, permeable paving, roadside green infrastructure, parks in the urban landscape and safe flooding spaces for waterways can reconnect people to rainwater as an opportunity rather than a nuisance.

This webinar focuses on the approaches cities are taking to integrate green infrastructure within the urban areas as well as proactive engagement in managing water resources to provide citizens with a connection to nature in urban landscapes and improve the quality of life.

Learning Objectives

The participants will be able to
– Learn about the benefits of investing in natured based solutions for securing water for utilities and cities
– Learn and share practical approaches to integrate natural infrastructure to ensure water security at urban level.
– Discuss the political, regulatory and economic mechanisms which facilitate investment in natural infrastructure in urban spaces


Katharine Cross, Programme Manager, Basins of the Future, IWA


  • Tom Armour Global Landscape Architecture Leader, ARUP
  • Tony Wong Chief Executive Officer, CRC for Water Sensitive Cities Ltd