Publish in Style: Full Paper Writing

IWA Writing for Publication

Target Audience

Early career Water Academics & Researchers who have the interest to improve their full paper writing for publications


Writing a paper that is up to standard for publishing in high rated water journals is a skill that does not come automatically for academics and researchers. This webinar is targeted at professionals who want to start developing this skill. It will highlight what comprises a full paper, teach them how to distinguish good and bad practices in full paper writing, and gain insight into the editors’ minds. As a result participants will be able to apply the skills and knowledge conveyed in the webinar in their future Full paper writing.

Learning Objectives

• Have an understanding of what elements to incorporate in what part of the full paper
• Be able to identify good and bad elements in a paper
• Have a clear understanding what Editors of Journals look at when they review.
• Apply tips and tricks provided by the Editors and presenters to apply in their full paper writing


International Water Association